Museum of Chinese Jade Antiques a must-see attraction in Hualien

Kuang Long Museum

About Museum

-1700 pieces, 1 billion NT worth of collections
-largest private museum of antique jade
-”A must-see attraction”-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan

With more than 1700 pieces of antique jade, the Kuang Long jade antique museum is one of the largest privately-owned museums in Taiwan. Amazed by the beauty of our collection, Annette Lu, former Vice President of Taiwan, even called Kuang Long museum the “Little Palace Museum.” In fact, Kuang Long Museum has become a must-see tourist attraction for important foreign guests including the King of Swaziland, US senators, and ambassadors from all over the world invited by the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The museum is built on one man’s life-long passion for stone-all forms of stones, such as fossils, precious stones, marble, meteoric stones etc.

Founder /Mr. Hsin-Hsiung TSENG

A museum built on one man’s life-long passion

Mr. Hsin-Hsiung TSENG, founder of Kuang Long, started to collect antiques over 30 years ago. While travelling to more than forty countries, he collected antiques from auctions around the world. Mr Tseng focused his collection target on jade because Hualien, his hometown, was famous for its Taiwan jade. In fact, Jade plays an important role in the Chinese culture. Chinese love jade because this green stone stands for purity, grace, beauty and virtues. That also explains why lots of Chinese idioms and phrases contain the word jade.